Battling Post Viral Health Issues With Paleo

Well, I got slammed this season with, you guessed it, COVID. My whole body just went into shut down for a week or two and boy did it hurt. To be fair I got luckier than most and I’m convinced my healthy diet and good home cooking had a lot to do with that. I fasted from solid food for a month straight, flushed my system out with as much good clean water as I could drink, and avoided screen time where possible.

My partner Megan did a fantastic job of looking after me and we formulated our treatment regime from some judicious research on her part and a good dose of common sense

Here’s what I did:

1 bowl homecooked bone broth twice a day (chicken or beef)

Green smoothie including kale, watercress, spirulina and carrots mid morning

1 tablespoon Health Factory Nano Silver Solution (powerful antibacterial)